I remember coming to Winona for New Student Registration feeling nervous. I wasn’t sure what registration day would look like, let alone what classes I should sign up for.


Because of this, I want to offer a few ways to help prepare you for new student registration day so that you feel confident, prepared and ready to be a #FutureWarrior!


What Is New Student Registration?

Before preparation begins, it’s important to know what to expect on registration day. New Student Registration provides an opportunity for incoming students and parents to become better acclimated to WSU and what it has to offer, as well as ask questions.

And, let’s not forget, you get to pick your class schedule!


How to Prepare

1. Review Your General & Program Requirements

Like most incoming students, you’ll be signing up for General Education courses for your first semester. However, you might be coming in with PSEO credits or be able to test out of some classes.

Some people like to get all their Gen. Eds. out of the way right away, but my adviser told me that it would be best to spread them out instead. I took some introduction classes for my major initially to get more of a feel for whether or not I liked Communications Studies. (It’s still my major today and I love it!)

Granted, this advice depends on what major you’re pursuing and when you’re able to start taking certain classes because some majors require acceptance into the program first. Be sure to discuss this with the adviser you meet with on registration day.

Overall, it’s good to look at the online course catalog for your major prior to registration to see what classes you’ll be taking and if any prerequisites are needed for your major.


2. Be Careful When Researching WSU Professors

You may already know about different places to view ratings of professors. Sometimes online ratings can be incredibly biased and based solely on how hard the student had to work in a class rather than the professor’s performance.

It’s important to take everything you hear from other students and the reviews you read online with a grain of salt.

I encourage you to check out your major on the WSU website and take a look at the faculty in that department.


3. Choose Your Schedule Wisely

Registering for college classes is much different than high school. You actually get to pick your own schedule!

If you’re a morning bird, you’re definitely going to want to sign up for those 8 or 9 a.m. classes. If that sounds bad news bears, then afternoon or night classes might be your thing. Either way, be realistic and consider the time of day you’re most productive.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to schedule a lunch break in the middle of your day so you can refuel.


4. Say “Cheese!”

You’ll be taking your photo for your Warrior ID and you’ll have the same ID photo throughout your time here at WSU—so make sure you brush your hair and smile pretty!


5. Memorize Your Star ID & Warrior ID

Not sure what either of these IDs are?

Be sure to write them down on a sticky note or put them in your phone because you’ll need to reference them multiple times throughout the day and after once you officially become a Warrior.

Additional Things To Do

Another thing you might do on registration day is course placement testing. If you aren’t happy with your current placement, you can take an exam and try to place higher.

Winona is especially beautiful in the summertime. Take this opportunity to explore Winona, drive up to Garvin Heights, and visit a local ice cream parlor before leaving town!

View the full New Student Registration Schedule to find out where you should be and when on Registration Day. Happy Registration Week!


Updated by Hailey Seipel ’20 on 06/15/2020