Two girls laugh while playing a board game

My sister and I crack up during our Thanksgiving Day game of Monopoly

It is the second day of classes and I am still feeling the relaxing effects of Thanksgiving Break. I don’t go home often due to a combination work, distance, and lack of a car that keeps me here in Winona.

In fact, I haven’t been home since Labor Day so it was great to see my family again. It was four days of sleeping in every morning and hanging out with my family in the evenings. Though I did have to do some homework, it was a fun long weekend at home.

After a delicious Thanksgiving luncheon catered by the Meinders Mom and Daughters company, we all played an epic game of Monopoly that lasted for hours with money and properties changing hands like lightning as hotels were built and foreclosed.

On Friday night, my mom, sister, our German foreign exchange student, and I went to see the movie Lincoln. It was a spectacular movie; we all loved it and talked about it the whole way home. Then Saturday was just a lazy day at home, watching TV and helping my mom and dad with projects around the house.

It was just enough of a break for me to de-stress and prepare for the demands of the next few weeks. Finals are coming up faster than anyone would like and I have several tests to study for and papers to write.

Meanwhile, everyone is also registering for spring semester classes throughout the week. The order for registration goes by numbers of credits so seniors get first pick, then juniors, sophomores, and until freshmen finally register for their classes.

My registration window opens at 8 am on Wednesday which actually decently early. However, I’m still a little worried that some of my classes will be filled up already by the time I sign in. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Oh, and the official sign-up for 2013-2014 campus housing is this week too. The end of the semester is always just so busy– so many decisions, applications, and deadlines to get all the details ready for next year.

But it will be over soon enough and then all my newly built-up stress will melt away over the even longer Winter Break and I will return refreshed and energized to do it all over again in 2013.