Freshmen students move into their new home Prentiss-Lucas.

It’s craziness as freshmen students move into their new home, Prentiss-Lucas.

Move In Day is a combination of all the things one looks forward to and dreads about coming to college.

Right off the bat you have the initial confusion about where to go (“Will we get towed if we park here?”), the anticipation for all the new people to meet and places to go and of course the feelings of “Holy crap my parents are going to leave and I’ll be all alone!”

At times, the day can feel overwhelming.

You are guaranteed to be sweating by the time you bring the first load to your new room, which is somehow smaller than you remembered, and then your mom will keep asking if you remembered your towels while your dad asks where you want your TV.

Aside from the organized chaos, what I remember most about moving into Sheehan Hall my first year of college was letting it sink in that this would be my home for the next 4 years of my life.

My journey into adulthood was really beginning and I may never call my childhood house in Lakeville, Minnesota home again.

Now, I love walking around campus on Move In Day and seeing the same mixture of emotions on the faces of the new freshmen. Some appear calm, some seem nervous and some are so stressed out they are taking it out on their parents.

I hope that all the new students take some time to reflect on what this time means and what the days ahead will hold.

Take the time to remind yourself that, despite its craziness, moving in is just the beginning of a great journey.