Maxwell Hall

This is Maxwell Hall, and home to the Warrior Hub.

The Warrior Hub is located in Maxwell Hall in two departments: Student Enrollment Services on the second floor and the Warrior Success Center on the third floor. Between the two, WSU offers a variety of important services from paying tuition to declaring a major to finding a job. In fact, the Warrior Hub is such a huge topic that it takes two talk about it properly. So we, Alex and Liz, are going to break down the Warrior Hub into its constituent parts and tell you exactly what they do.

Student Enrollment Services (2nd Floor)

There is Records and Registration Services, or as it’s more commonly known, the Registrar Office. This is where you will go if you want to blue card into a class that was already full by the time your registration window opened and if you decide to withdraw from a class (though hopefully not the one you blue-carded into). If you decide to change your major, as Alex and Liz both have once or twice, you’ll head here as well.

The Registrar Office also an extremely important part of the Warrior Hub because all of the hard work you did to earn those grades throughout your coursework here at WSU is recorded here. This office becomes very important as you near the end of your time here at Winona State because your transcripts are one of the most important parts of your background that employers and graduate schools will look at. If you change your name or your address, you’ll need to notify the Registrar Office in writing so that your transcripts are kept up to date.

Financial Aid Services knows everything about college finances. They disburse your financial aid from WSU and from any government loans and help you get more aid for summer classes or study abroad. If you are not sure about the different types of financial aid, they can help explain the FAFSA, the difference between a grant and a loan, and work-study versus student help jobs. They also provide information about personal money management to help keep you on track financially when you begin college.

Student Accounts Services is the office that processes all your tuition payments. If you choose not pay your tuition bills online, you will have to bring payment to the second floor of Maxwell at the beginning of every semester.

Student Employment and the Student Payroll Office are both located in the Warrior Hub. The Student Employment Department manages all work study and student help positions on campus and can help you figure out if you are eligible for on-campus work. If you do get hired for a student position, you will have to go to the Student Payroll Office to fill out several forms and set up direct deposit for your paychecks. I, Liz, was hired in the Web Communications Department just last year and I can tell you that the amount of processing and form signing necessary is totally outweighed by that first paycheck delivered to my bank account.

Warrior Success Center (3rd Floor)

Advising Services is one of the most helpful services Winona State has to offer. I, Alex, went through many difficulties in adjusting to college courses and they were right there to give me a hand in making course decisions as well as eventually declaring my major. Whenever I have been asked by other students, what my favorite part of campus is, I oddly answer with Advising Services because they are that helpful.

Career Services is another great resource for WSU students to utilize. They can help you with a range of things from finding a part-time job or internship, to resume building, and eventually helping students to find jobs after college through the EZ-Link Job Search. We have both gone to Career Services: Alex, when he needed to explore career options for after school and to help see what course work is necessary for the next step on his path through school and work, and Liz, when she needed help with finding an off-campus job her freshman year and again more recently to get help with her resume.

Access Services is an office dedicated to helping student with disabilities succeed at Winona State. By registering with Access Services, you can request academic accommodations such as extended time on exams, quiet or low distraction test location, exams in auditory format, texts in alternate format, disability advising, sign language interpreters and note takers.

Whew–like we said, the Warrior Hub is a big topic and if you made it through all of that we applaud you! But in all seriousness, we hope that you did because the Warrior Hub has some really vital services and helpful resources that students will need throughout the academic careers here at WSU as we both know from our own experiences.

–Elizabeth Meinders & Alex Russell