We’re at that point in the semester, Warriors! Classes are coming to an end and finals week is in view, whether you like it or not. That means it’s time to start studying for exams and writing essays even though motivation to do so winds down with the remaining days in April.

There are many tips available online that can help you better prepare for finals week and stay focused, but you hardly see a list of things you shouldn’t be doing.

Here are 10 signs you’re not doing finals right, including signs you failed come finals week. What better way to illustrate these signs than with a little comic relief from Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura?

1) Stress eating

Many of us have already developed this dangerous habit, and it tends to intensify during the last few weeks of the semester.

2) You distract yourself and avoid studying

It doesn’t matter what the snap, YouTube video or the BuzzFeed post is about, you’re going to watch it – anything to avoid studying.

3) Nervous habits

Whether it’s gum chewing, biting your nails or tapping a pencil – you may pick up some weird or annoying habits as you cram for final exams and crank out essays.

4) Drinking loads of caffeine

You’ll find yourself wired from caffeine during your long days of studying.

5) You’re in need of some serious pet therapy

If you’re looking too forward to reuniting with your pet back home after finals week or freak out a little extra when seeing a dog on campus, you may need to re-establish yourself.

6) You’re on the brink of a nervous breakdown

You may feel like you’re losing your mind with your long to-do list, all of the stress and lack of sleep.

7) Taking out your frustration and stress on others

Come finals week, a short temper and displaced aggression are sure signs you didn’t do finals right. This may result in being sassy towards friends and having negative thoughts towards your professors when they pass out your final exams. But it’s not their fault!

8) When you just accept your fate heading into finals week

You know you haven’t studied enough and just decide to wing it.

9) You don’t know the answer to the first question on your final exam

The moment of terror when you look at the first question on the final exam.

10) Excessive celebration

If you notice you’re a little too excited after finishing finals, that may be an indicator you didn’t do your final weeks of the semester quite right.

Be on the lookout for these warning signs and try to avoid them! Now, focus these last few weeks and rock your finals. You can do it!