These 8 Campus Features are something that all students should be taking advantage of! From the library to different clubs on campus, there is a feature for everyone to use. Utilizing these features that our campus is providing to us will enhance your college experience as well, so be sure to make the most of it!


1) Libraries and Study Spaces

The Darrell W. Krueger Library has a lot of space for students to get homework and studying done. Whether you are studying with a group or by yourself, there are multiple different amenities that you can utilize to make the best of your study session! Some of this includes getting a study room, going to a quieter level of the library, or just sitting on the first floor to get stuff done!

On the first floor of the library, there is also Einstein’s Bagels where students can go get a coffee, a smoothie, a bagel, a breakfast sandwich, and so much more. After a long day of classes and studying, this is a great way to take a break and get something to eat!


2) Fitness and Recreational Facilities

The IWC is open to all Winona State students. It includes free weights, treadmills, rowing machines, basketball courts, a running track, and so much more! There are also different types of fitness classes that you can go to. This is a great way to meet some new workout buddies, whether you are in the mood for yoga or a higher intensity workout, this will be perfect for you!


3) Career Services and Internship Opportunities

Career Services offers a lot of different resources for helping you achieve your career goals for after college. This is very useful to all students because if you’re not sure what your plan is for after graduation, the career services staff are more than willing to help!


4) Clubs and Activities

Winona State offers a wide range of clubs and activities to be a part of on campus! Getting involved outside of the classroom is a great way to feel a part of the campus community and make new friends! From Greek life to sports clubs, there is something for everyone to enjoy!


5) Green Spaces and Outdoor Amenities

The new Fire Feature Patio in the Kryzsko Courtyard is a must-do. Every Wednesday, while the weather is above 35 degrees, students can enjoy some gooey delicious s’mores. This is a great way to hang out with friends and even make some new ones! Stop by this unique amenity and warm up by the fire!


6) Writing Center and Tutoring Services

The Writing Center, located in Minne 348, is where students can work with peer tutors and address writing assignments, regardless of the subject. Writing Center tutors can help with pre-writing, idea generation, revision, and citation. Try it out! A one-on-one experience can drastically save you time and energy because you’ll be putting more effort into writing rather than figuring out what to write about.

Tutoring Services, located in Library 220, is where students can work with peer tutors on nearly any assignment. To accommodate different learning styles, Tutoring Services offers several types of tutorials—from in person and online, to one-on-one and group, to class-wide.

A good way to tell the difference: if you need help with writing, go to the Writing Center; if you need help understanding a subject and working on a general assignment, go to the Tutoring Center.


7) Kryzsko ESports Lounge

This unique game-sports lounge is open to all students where you can connect with others by playing some video games together! It’s open year-round, and you can even bring in guests who aren’t WSU students.


8) KEAP Center

“KEAP” stands for: Knowledge, Empowerment, Advocacy, and Pluralism. The KEAP Center works with the Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence to create an inclusive atmosphere for all people, organizations, and groups on the WSU campus. The KEAP center offers programs and activities for everyone in the WSU community to create an inclusive campus!