By now, every student is all too familiar with the dreaded Zoom meeting. Yes, it can be convenient and safer than in-person meeting, but it can also be much duller.

Luckily, one form of entertainment that has grown out of this virtual world is seeing the different types of people that have evolved from the Zoom space.

You know who they are. Maybe you’re one of them. We all probably fall into one or more of these categories.  

Here are 5 types of people you will likely see in a Zoom meeting:

1. The Eater

Whether morning, noon, or night, if you’re in a Zoom meeting, you’re sure to see someone eating a meal or snacking. Occasionally, they might even be in their kitchen making food in the middle of class.

We get it, Zoom has created opportunities for multitasking. You can now go to class to get that bread and also make that bread into a sandwich all at the same time.

You do you, no judgement. Just make sure your mic is muted while you’re eating––some people are not fans of ASMR.

2. The Sleeper

Maybe it’s the uncombed hair, the heavy eyes, or they are literally lying in bed, but something tells you this person woke up 5 minutes before class at most.

Again, no judgements, sleep is hard to come by.

You might also see this person constantly wrapped in blankets and looking more ready for a nap than a virtual lecture––a feeling I’m sure everyone is familiar with.

3. The Driver

They might not always be the driver, but nevertheless they’re Zooming from the car.

I like their determination. It says, “I have places to be, but one of those places is also class.” Priorities, I love it!

We don’t recommend Zooming and driving, but portability is also another plus to Zoom meetings––all you need is an Internet connection.

4. The Professional

While hoodies, sweats, and PJs are the usual fashion statements made in Zoom meetings, there are the few who dress to impress.

Maybe they’re dressed in business casual and have a spic and span background, or they’re dressed head to toe in WSU attire or flaunt a flashy WSU Zoom background.

Whatever it is, they go that extra mile in their appearance and remind us that we should also care about ours.   

4. The Pet Parent 

One plus to Zoom meetings is that we can be closer to our pets––sometimes, a little too close.

Oftentimes, you’ll hear the occasional growl, bark, or meow sneak through the airwaves of this person’s unmuted mic or hear the disclaimer “If you hear any weird noises, it’s just my dog” before they talk.

Maybe as you scroll through your classmates’ webcams during class, you’ll find this person snuggling up with their four-legged study buddy or struggling to keep their fur baby from running amuck in their room––one of the many struggles to pet parenting.

But I think we can all agree that when we see a glimpse of this person’s pet on camera, we can’t help but crack a smile.

So as a way to keep yourself entertained during your next Zoom meeting, be on the lookout for these 5 types of people and any others you might find!

Happy Zooming!

Authored by Anjuli Harris