As either an incoming freshman or a current student who is in search of a new job in Winona, it can be hard to find work that is close by and flexible with your school schedule during the year and vacations in the summer.

Well, as an assistant in Web Communications on campus, I can say that applying for jobs on campus is the way to go! There are so many perks to having a campus job, and many times students overlook this option when searching for work.

Here are 6 reasons why you should look into positions on campus:

1. You can use your major and continue to learn

As a college student working towards your degree, it’s hard to snag a job that applies to what you are currently studying. On campus there are positions available that allow you to put the knowledge you are gaining to use!

My major is journalism, and my roles as a web communication assistant allow me to write and edit on multiple platforms. My job on campus has taught me a lot! For example, if you are going for a public relations major, there are students who work for PR on campus. If you’re pursuing a major in computer science or the like, a job in tech support would be perfect.

2. Your job is in walking distance from your place

If you’re a student and have a job on campus that means you must be in walking or biking distance from work! Unless you commute to Winona State for classes, of course. In the summer, I try to roller-blade to Somsen Hall every day where I work since I’m so close.

Also, you save a lot of time not having to run back and forth from classes to an off-campus job – you’re able to just go right from class in one building to work in another.

A work study student filing while at work.

Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21.

3. Campus jobs are the most understanding about school/class obligations

As a student, your education is what should take priority over a job. Campus jobs understand this and are the most understanding about needing to tweak your schedule given finals week or a week filled with projects.

Obviously your campus job is still important, but if you communicate with your boss they are extremely understanding!

4. Food

That’s right, you are often given free food. Student appreciation potlucks are held during the year and people aren’t afraid to bring in snacks to the office.

For instance, this summer there is one day a month where free coffee, juice and donuts will be handed out at the gazebo to all employees and student workers.

5. There’s no requirement to work over school breaks

You can choose whether or not you want to work over spring, winter or summer breaks. This is especially nice if you land an internship one summer and want to return to your campus job when school resumes.

a tutor works with student

6. You meet great people your age

As a student worker, you’re surrounded by coworkers your age. You meet fellow students and have the opportunity to create great friendships. I’ve met a ton of amazing people who have turned into close friends through my campus position.

If you’re interested in working a job on campus, join Handshake to apply for positions!

Updated 8.29.19 by Elizabeth Berres