As my freshman year at Winona State came to a close, I started to reflect on all the special opportunities I received and memories I had made just from getting involved here on campus.

I can’t count how many times before my freshman year I heard, “Get involved on campus!” or “Join a club, there’s so many!” I began to doubt the idea, however, because I thought I’d be too busy and that I’d meet enough people on my own.

But, the suggestion to join something and get involved was one of the best pieces of college advice I have received.

Saying that, and having one year of college under my belt, I’ve listed 5 tips on how to get involved on campus this year. This advice is even for upperclassmen, not just incoming freshmen!


1) Go to the club fair

There are countless options for clubs related to your major, minor, or just something you simply like. With all the clubs on campus you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your personality and what you enjoy. Be sure to attend this year’s club fair and see what WSU has to offer you!


2) Get involved

I know you have heard this before, but I will say it again because it is that important. I met the most people in activities I got involved in – not so much in my classes or even my residence hall. Even if you haven’t gotten involved so far in college it doesn’t mean it’s too late!

If you’re unsure about it at first, just give it a shot. You don’t want to look back when it’s too late after graduating and regret not trying something out.

So, go to the club fair, keep an eye out for posters on campus, announcements on digital signs and all other ways to learn about new opportunities!


3) Step out of your comfort zone

You might feel a little uneasy going outside your comfort zone to join something new with new people, but that does not mean you shouldn’t go for it! You could very well thank yourself later for joining. I know not one small part of me regrets getting involved here.


4) Look for unique experiences

Depending on the club or organization you join, there is something that sets it apart from the next. They could give you a once in lifetime experience, experience in your desired career field, rare chances, etc.

Most of all, joining a club on campus will allow you to make friends that have similar interests as you. This will make for lifelong relationships and memories.


5) Keep an open mind

Having the chance to get involved may spark a fire inside of you for a passion you didn’t know you had. You can meet a variety of people from different backgrounds and learn from their perspectives.

Being part of a group can help you grow your voice, communication, and leadership skills. Also, it’s important to be open to new experiences and attitudes when searching for a club to join or organization to get involved in because you never know what you might like until you try it (just like moms tend to preach!).

I will continue to tell every freshman and friend of mine that hasn’t yet gotten involved on campus to join something that interests them or is something they’d usually never do. The experiences and friends you can gain have already drastically heightened my college experience thus far.