Family Weekend is almost here! This means your parents will turn up at your doorstep and ask you what there is for all of you to do. Fear not, though, for I’ve compiled a list of activities for family-friendly fun.


Photo by Amy Nelson ’20


WSU Events

There’s a schedule of possible activities to attend that WSU offers during Family Weekend. This includes getting some purple gear at the WSU Bookstore, eating at the Jack Kane Dining Center, or enjoying dessert and free entertaining performances in Kryzsko Commons.


Photo by Brooke Powell ’21


Other Events Around Winona

Local apple orchards are open this weekend, including Ecker’s, Ferguson’s, and Southwind Orchards. Get fresh fall produce, see farm animals, and explore a corn maze!


Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21


View world-class artwork at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum—located on the west side of Winona.


Photo by Amy Nelson ’20


Winona’s Lake Lodge Recreation Center offers recreational activities for all ages (for a $20 annual fee) including biking, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.



Winona Farmers Market is this Saturday from 7:30am to Noon at Levee Park.


Photo by Mary Farrel


Visit This Week in Winona for a list of other live music, performances, or activities happening around town this weekend such as Shut Down Third Street.


Restaurants, Shopping, and More

Here’s a list of just a fraction of permanent attractions to check out in Winona:


Now you’ll have something to suggest when your family asks what there is to do in Winona. You may even find something you’ve never done yourself before. Take this chance to have fun and explore your town.


Updated by Hailey Seipel (06/19/2019)