Hey Seniors, share your favorite Winona State memories from your time here with us to be featured in the Class of 2020 video!

This is your chance to have your favorite times at WSU immortalized in this historic celebration video. The finished celebration video will look and feel sort of like this:

So get started and submit your story by April 27!

Choose Your Prompt 

Please answer one or more of the following questions.

Please state the question before you answer. (This is important when we’re creating the video later.)

  • What was a meaningful experience from your Warrior journey?
  • Who played an important role in supporting your Warrior journey?
  • Warrior Wisdom: What have you learned during your college experience that you will take with you?
  • What will you miss most about your WSU experience?
  • What are you most looking forward to about your future as a Warrior graduate?


Record Your Audio

Read the below instructions or watch this video: https://wsu.mn/34DTPsu

Tips for Recording

  • Find a room that is quiet and won’t have background noise. If possible, avoid areas with appliances (like fridges) that may be humming 
  • Enunciate your words 
  • Speak slower rather than faster 
  • Leave space between your answers

Here’s great example of an audio recording from Molly Toraason.


  1. On your smartphone, open the Voice Memos app (iPhone) or Voice Recorder App (Android). You should see a big red button at the bottom of the screening. This is your recording button. 
  2. Place the phone on a flat surface (do NOT hold it – this can create unnecessary noise). 
  3. Take a piece of printer paper (8.5 x 11 inches) and measure the distance between your chin and the bottom of your phone (where the microphone is). 
  4. Once you have measured, do NOT move your head. You will be recording from this position. 
  5. Touch the red button to start recording yourself answering the below questions. 
  6. Touch the red button to stop the recording when you are finished and tap “Save” if asked. 
  7. Tap the three dots that are aligned either vertically or horizontally to open a menu window. 
  8. Tap Share and choose email. 


Submit Your File

Deadline to Submit is April 23

Send your audio recording file along with any other photo or video files of your Warrior Journey to webcomm@winona.edu.

Please include your name, major(s), and minor (if applicable) in the email message.