Working on-campus has many benefits; from the short commute to the opportunity to make friends and connections with faculty. On-campus employers are typically more understanding of your time commitment to school and studies. Many job opportunities on-campus also align with career paths or majors here at WSU, making these jobs a great resume booster.

Before you go looking for an on-campus job, you should know that there are two types of student employment:

Work Study

Student employment based on financial aid, meaning you must be eligible for these jobs. To check your eligibility status, go to Student eServices à Financial Aid à Awards. If you do not see “SWS eligibility” or “FWS eligibility”, you are not given work study. If you have questions about your eligibility, please call the Financial Aid office (507-457-5090).

Student Help

General student employment, meaning all students qualified to work on campus are eligible for these jobs. In order to be qualified to work on-campus, you must maintain a certain number of credits. For undergraduate students, you must maintain at least 6 credits (Domestic students), or 12 credits (International students), per semester.

Visit Handshake to find a variety of on-campus jobs available. Another way to find on-campus jobs is to ask your professors or faculty if they know any departments hiring students.

Some departments where student jobs have been offered in the past include:

  • Student Life and Development (Admissions, Warrior Success Center, Warrior Hub, Housing and Residence Life, and Integrated Wellness Complex)
  • Tech Support/IT
  • Child Care Center
  • Academic Departments (Nursing and Health Sciences, Education, Business, Liberal Arts, and Science and Engineering)
  • Chartwell’s Dining Services 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find any student positions you like right away, new employment opportunities are available throughout the year! If you ever need help preparing your resume, cover letter, interview skills, or need help finding/applying to jobs, visit Career Services in Maxwell 314.

Authored by Alexis Olson

  • Career Services Graduate Assistant
  • Warrior Success Center