It’s that time again, it’s time to register for Fall 2021 classes! When you are registering either as an incoming freshman or a returning student here are a few things you should know:

Look at your DARS:

There are ten goals WSU has each student complete and by going to you Degree Audit Report you will find the list of all of the university’s goals and the possible classes you can take in order to complete the requirements. To find your DARS you can go to eServices and login with your account information and on the left hand side click on the tab that says, “academic record” which will bring you to another page with a hyperlink to “Degree Audit”. I rely on my DARS to keep me on track, so I don’t fall behind.  This is a great tool for all students to aid them in deciding which classes to take.

Take your General Classes First:

For me, the best classes to take first were the goals or general classes. By doing these first I was able to get them out of the way, so that way once I was done I got to my major’s required classes, so I could focus all my attention on the classes that were important for my career.

Talk to you Academic Advisor:

Your academic advisor will be able to guide you to take what classes you should take and what fits you best. He or she will be able to give you your registration code which is needed to register and give your date and time to register.

Find the List of Required Classes for Your Major:

Each major will have a list of classes you must complete, it took me until the middle of my sophomore year to figure this out. To find this list you can go to the university’s website and search your department. Once you do that choose undergraduate or graduate level (whichever one you are) and then choose your major, there you will see the required courses.

Plan Your Schedule and Use Your Wishlist:

Plan your schedule out before it is time to register. When you plan out your classes adding the courses to your Wishlist will make the process faster because you will already have all the classes you need right there instead of having to search each individual course. The Wishlist option is a lifesaver for me!

Don’t Take Random Classes:

To make sure you graduate on time with all the required courses stray away from taking unnecessary classes. Taking random classes takes time and money when you could be using those things to complete courses that are needed in order to graduate.

Don’t Take a Class Twice:

This might be common sense, but if you are like me and forget about what classes you have taken you might register for the same class more than once. To prevent doing this check to see what classes you have taken before you register for new ones. There is an exception to this and that is if you failed a class. If you fail a class taking it again is almost always the best thing to do… and if it is a required course you have to take it again to receive the grade you need to have the class count.

Following these seven tips will make registering for classes much easier and gets you a step closer to graduation.

-Lucy LaValley ’21