Winona State is a campus that values creativity and expression. Our journal of the arts, Satori, gives students the opportunity to publish their creative works while building hands-on skills. As an English student here at WSU, I appreciate having the chance to share my writing with others while getting direct experience in editing and publishing through being an editor of Satori myself. 

Satori was founded in 1970, publishing students’ work for over 50 years. The journal includes prose, poetry, and works of visual art. And it’s not just English and Art students that can be involved, but all students campus wide. 

Satori provides students with the opportunity of becoming a published author or artist before they even graduate college. When applying to jobs or graduate school, having your published work listed on your resume or CV is a great experience.  

I talked to Brianna Strohbehn ’23, who has previously been published in Satori and is a current editor of the journal along with me, to see how her connection with Satori has benefited her. Not only did her publication experience have professional benefits, but personal as well.  

Seeing my own work published in Satori was one of the most rewarding moments of my college career. My family, friends, and peers were all so proud of me, which made the success that much sweeter.”  

In addition to being published, there is a lot that can be taken from being a Satori editor. The journal is student-run, allowing students to get valuable hands-on experience and learn about the publishing process for literary and fine art presses. In addition, the student editors establish the design, theme, and select submissions themselves.  

“I’ve always had an interest in editing, so to practice it in a setting that is both collegiate and real-world-esque is an incredibly valuable experience,” said co-editor Strohbehn. 

As a Satori editor myself, I have found the process to be an enriching one thus far. Although only a month into the process, I am already seeing the rewards from our work pay off. Establishing advertisements and getting the word out is an exciting time—as we receive our first submissions, it is redeeming to know our efforts are paying off.  

It is thrilling to get an opportunity to both have work published and take part of the editing process. Satori’s importance comes from providing students with the chance to express themselves through their creative work, as well as helping to prepare them for real-world pursuits.  

“I think the publication of Satori shows the depth and breadth of Winona State as a whole. The English department and the Liberal Arts College may not be the largest on campus, but they have great on-campus opportunities for students in all disciplines.”  

We encourage students to submit their prose, poetry, and visual work to by Feb. 13th for a chance at getting published.