Faculty and staff clap while graduates process into the WSU commencement ceremony.

Help send off the Class of 2020 with the roar of applause they deserve!

From your computer or your phone, record a 15-30 second video of yourself clapping, cheering and whooping. Here’s how: 

If You’re Using a Computer

The video application you’ll use to record depends on whether you have access to a Mac or a PC computer.

Here’s instructions for recording video based on your computer, as well as how to record using Kaltura which works on both Mac and PC. 

If You’re Using a Phone

  1. Record this video horizontal (NOT VERTICAL)
    1. You will have to lean the phone against a wall or ask a friend or family member to hold your phone so your hands are free to clap.
  2. Use your phone’s camera application to record. It’s easiest to simply use your phone’s default video app.
  3. When done, you can download the file on your computer or share it directly from your phone. 

Depending on size, you may be able to email the file to: webcomm@winona.edu. Otherwise upload it to a cloud service (ex. Google Drive, OneDrive, Drobbox), and email the link to the file to webcomm@winona.edu.


 Location & Recording Tips

  1. Do not have windows in the background 
  2. Make sure you are in a brightly-lit room
  3. Try to fill up the screen. We want to see you not the room you are in. 
  4. Do not add your own picture or video backgrounds
  5. You are congratulating the graduates– let’s see those smiles! 
  6. Feel free to wear regalia if you have it

 Here’s a great example from Prof. Paul Johnson.

Send your applause by Dec 6!


Contact Alex Courrier at alex.courrier@winona.edu.