I think it’s safe to say that we can all appreciate a beautiful Insta feed. If you’ve been meaning to step up your game with your own profile, look no further than Winona State University.

There are tons of venues right here on campus, as well as in the Winona community, that are waiting for you to host a photoshoot (#WarriorGram).


Let’s first start with the on-campus basics:

1. Somsen Hall Exterior

Somsen Hall is famous for its wall-to-wall ivy coverage, which is usually in full bloom in the fall and spring.

The vibrant green and 3D texture are a great backdrop combo for any Insta shot.

P.S. Don’t wait too long, or else the wall will turn white from snow!



2. Front Steps of Phelps or Somsen halls

The Phelps and Somsen entrance stairways are especially cool places for official team, club or “family” roommate pics.

No matter the size of your group, the steps are a nice feature to ensure there’s space for everyone.

Pro tip: Stagger your members across multiple sets of stairs to guarantee all will be seen.



3. ‘WSU’ Letters by Gazebo

These block letters, which have been recently installed near the Gazebo, truly make a statement in photos.

These letters were recently donated by Bill Koutsky, a WSU alumni and long-time staff member.

Show your Warrior Pride by standing, squatting or jumping beside this one-of-a-kind structure—all while repping our name in your feed.

P.S. make sure to use the hashtag #WSUletters


4. Gazebo

The Gazebo is considered the heart of campus. It’s where we host annual club fairs, pep fests and other fun promotional tablings.

So what better place to show some love for your new home in an Insta post than here?

This is the ultimate venue for your feed because of its versatility. Whether you’re seeking rain/snow coverage or general festivity (PSA this baby gets dressed up with string lights come wintertime every year!), the Gazebo is a must.


5. Maxwell Field Border Wall

Although Maxwell Field itself is quite photogenic, the exterior wall (located on Sarnia St. across from Rubio’s) is also a sweet backdrop.

The white will make any outfit pop, whether it be game day, your birthday or a regular Monday.

You don’t need an excuse to take a pic with WSU’s colors when you’re a Warrior every day!


6. WSU Sign by Sheehan Hall

This is perhaps one of the most popular signs for peeps to take a pic in front of, especially when you’re announcing that you are Future Warrior (myself included!).

It marks one of the many entrances on campus, making you feel right at home the second you see it.

The best part is that it has a built-in bench for you to sit on. If you choose to stand, though, just make sure not to step on the flowers.


7. Wabasha Rock Wall

On belay! The newly renovated indoor rock-climbing wall provides the perfect aerial photo opp.

With 6,000 square feet available, you will easily find a spot to take a selfie that defy the laws of gravity.


Make sure to get a few snaps at these Winona Community gems, as well:

8. The Lakes

This one’s a no brainer! Whether you’re taking a stroll on the walking path or relaxing on the water, there’s always a good angle to capture the moment at Lake Winona.

Position yourself and your group with Sugar Loaf in the background to make your pic even more authentic to Winona.


9. Garvin Heights

This lookout has one of the best views of our campus and the lakes, hands down. Regardless if you wake up early to catch the sunrise while everything’s quiet or stay up late to take in our bright buildings while everything’s bustling, you just can’t beat the panorama you’ll find here. 


10. Outside of Bloedow’s Bakery

Donuts and Insta-worthy walls, need I say more? Pose in front of the cute exterior to score a sweet shot.

Extra brownie points (or, should I say, “donie” points) if you’re holding up your delectable goodies, too!


Whichever of these campus or community spots speak most to you, add them to your Insta feed using #WarriorGram ASAP to show your followers just how great it is to be a Warrior and for a chance to win monthly contest prizes!