Starting this July, all Winona State employees will use Workday to manage human resource and personnel tasks. This includes managing your timesheets, leave requests, and personal data. 

The basic training you have already completed should prepare you to start using these user-friendly tools in Workday.  

If you need reminders or help while you’re using Workday, please refer to the handy user guides, also known as job aids, available on the Minnesota State Connect Workday Training SharePoint site. 

Want the reader’s digest version? These are the two most important guides you’ll need to manage your general human resource and personnel tasks in Workday.  

Employee Self Service: Managing Time & Absence

This guide (PDF) walks through the steps needed to manage time and absence requests via the Employee Self Service portal in Workday.   

You will see how to enter, edit, and submit your timesheet. You will also see how to request time off.  

Managing Personal Data in Workday for Employees

This guide (PDF) walks through the steps necessary to manage your personal data in Workday.  

This includes: 

  • completing onboarding tasks. 
  • verifying information in Identity Management. 
  • understanding what information is entered in Employee Self Service (MMB) versus Employee Self Service (Workday). 

You will see how to update your preferred or legal name, change your emergency contacts, and manage your education history and certifications.