Starting this July, all Winona State employees will use Workday to manage finance and accounting tasks, such as expense reports, purchasing card transactions, and requisition orders.  

Employees have already received training for specific tasks based on their position and security level.  

If you need reminders or help while you’re using Workday, please refer to the handy user guides, also known as job aids, available on the Minnesota State Connect Workday Training SharePoint site. 

Want the reader’s digest version? These are the most important guides you’ll need to manage finance and accounting tasks in Workday.  

Credit Card (P-card) Requests

This guide (PDF) outlines the process for submitting a Credit Card Request in Workday.  

You will see the steps you’ll take to request a purchasing card (P-card). This form must be completed beginning on July 5 before current P-card holders can start using their cards again.  

Please note: this request form will ask for an employee ID number. This ID number can be found in your profile in Workday. It is not the same as your StarID or SEMA4 ID number. 

Employee Expenses & P-card Transactions

This guide (PDF) walks through the processes requesting spend authorizations and submitting expense reports in Workday. 

Employees can submit a Spend Authorization to request pre-approval for expenses, including travel expenses. This form will replace the former Travel Request process.  

Expense reports must be submitted for transactions associated with a Spend Authorization request, including purchases made with or without a P-card.  

Purchase Requisitions & Orders

This guide (PDF) walks through the various processes regarding purchase requisitions and orders, including Requisition Creation, Access, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, and Receipt Creation. 

Security Role Changes

Your ability to access most finance related tasks in Workday will rely on what security role you have been assigned to. 

This guide (PDF) will help you identify your security role and show you what to do if you think the security role you were assigned doesn’t match your job duties, or you don’t think you’ll be able to access everything you need to do your job.