We’re less than 30 days away from the launch of Workday. Are you ready? 

If you need help getting there, check out this comprehensive Workday guidebook (PDF). This onboarding guide is specifically crafted to provide the resources and information you’ll need to successfully use Workday. 

The onboarding guide to Workday will: 

  • provide essential knowledge and important resources.
  • offer step-by-stop instructions for common Workday tasks.
  • show details on where and how to access support.

Overwhelmed by all this info? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

We’ve broken down the full guidebook into 8 short “passport” resource to help you on every step of your Workday journey.  

1. How to Start Using Workday

This guide (PDF) will introduce you to Workday, then show you how to access the Workday App using your Star ID in Microsoft Office 365. 

2. What's on Workday?

This guide (PDF) will show you what tools will be available in Workday. You will learn what you will be doing in Workday and see examples of common tasks that Workday will help you do.  

3. Workday Glossary

This guide (PDF) provides a handy reference of common words used in Workday to help you navigate the tool. 

4. Workday Functions & Features

This guide (PDF) will provide a quick explainer of basic functions and features available on the Workday homepage. You will find a helpful visual guide explaining the icons you’ll find on your Workday toolbar and Apps menu. 

5. Workday Training

This guide (PDF) shows the different levels of Workday training available for employees. You will also find a handy Training To-Do Checklist to make sure you’ve been fully trained before Workday launches. 

6. Working with ISRS & Workday

This guide (PDF) outlines how both ISRS and Workday will continue to work together during the implementation process, which will happen in phases.

7. Day One in Workday

This guide (PDF) shows you everything you need to know on the first day of the Workday launch. You will find a handy Day One in Workday To-Do List to make sure you are set. 

8. Workday User Support

This guide (PDF) will direct you on how to find resources and support to help you use Workday once it launches.