This past month has been full of a lot of  “college lasts” for me as well as most of the graduating class. Every time I do something on campus, I can’t help but wonder if it will be the last time I do it. Or I realize halfway through a class that it is the last time I will be in that classroom. Because thoughts like these pop into my head, I have been reflecting on my time spent at WSU and everything I have learned.

I learned what my passion is and what I want to do with my life. I know, I know… its cliché, but its true. I’ll never forget sitting in class as a freshman and realizing I was in the wrong major. It was terrifying. After weeks of research, meetings with a career counselor and approximately 700 phone calls to my mom, I finally found Public Relations. I will forever be grateful to WSU and the staff members for that.

I learned to go to office hours. Professors want you to do well and that’s why office hours exist. Most professors are even willing set up a meeting outside of their office hours to help you. It may be awkward at first, but this is how you get to your professors. And trust me, you want to know them.

The professors in the Mass Communications Department are truly amazing and I am so lucky to have had the privilege of learning from them.

I learned proper time management. Obviously, we all know the drastic jump from high school to college, but the workload generally increases the closer you get to graduation. I’m in my capstone project right now, and trying to balance it with other classes as well as two jobs, being part of clubs and having a social life is not an easy task. Organization and planners are KEY!

I learned it’s okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes – it’s normal. At some point, you’re probably going to question your life and that’s okay. Between classes and work and everything else you do, it can be extremely overwhelming. I’ve had like 16 mental breakdowns this past week alone.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you can probably relate in some way. But, knowing it will all be worth it in the end helps you push through, and you realize that you’re capable of handling everything that’s thrown at you.

I learned to let things go and how to “adult.” Okay, well kind of how to adult, but I think I’m almost there. Its safe to say I have grown up A LOT– just ask my mom.

Part of this was simply just letting the little things go. You have stop and ask yourself, “Will this matter in a year? In five years? Tomorrow even?” If it doesn’t, then why spend time dwelling on it? What’s the point?

Finally, I learned that time flies by. College goes by SO fast! I still feel like a freshman sometimes and then I see my cap and gown hanging in my closet and it dawns on me that I’m actually a senior.

This is why it’s important to make the most of it. Take the risk, put yourself out there because this is the time to do it. I promise you will learn the most about yourself by doing it.

With that being said, remember to look around and appreciate WSU and everything it has to offer, because before you know it you’ll be ugly crying as you’re writing your last blog for WSU about your college life wondering where time went.