College is a time in your life that can be puzzling while trying to find a part-time job that fits you. It can seem like a lot to handle at once but it doesn’t have to be.

WSU offers many resources to help you find the perfect fit. One of those opportunities is work study.

A work study student filing while at work.

There are 95 departments on campus that offer work study opportunities! Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21.


Here are the answers to three common work study questions to get you started. 

1. What is work study?

Work study is most commonly known as a financial-aid based program which offers funding for current, eligible WSU students to work and earn money based on their college financial needs.

Here are a few of the things you should know about the Work Study Program at WSU:

  • About 95 departments (PDF) on campus hire work study employees
  • You may not split your work study award and work for more than one department to earn the award
  • You may hold a work study job and a student help job at the same time
    • The student help program is funded by departments and programs that are on campus
    • All students are eligible for student help positions
    • Student help job openings are usually not posted on the Career Services website
  • You will receive a paycheck for work study – it does not automatically get applied to your bill
  • Work study earnings are taxable
  • WSU’s Reading Tutor Program pay for a number of work study positions to help elementary students in the Winona Area School District in reading and mathematics


2. How do I know if I have work study?

To find out if you are eligible for this program, you can log into eServices with your StarID and password. From there go to “Financial Aid” – “Awards.” If you do not see “SWS eligibility” or “FWS eligibility,” you are not eligible for the work study program.

Another great option to find out whether you are eligible or not is to head on over to Financial Aid Services located on the second floor of Maxwell Hall.


3. What do I do now that I have work study?

Work study jobs are always being posted and updated on Career Services’ Warrior Jobs. Once you are logged in with your StarID email and password, you will be required to fill out information about yourself and attach an updated resume. From there you will be able to search for and preview new job listings.

If you are looking specifically for work study positions, I suggest that you filter your searches to “Work-study (on campus only).” This will take you directly to current jobs where you can look over the details, certain requirements, application deadlines, etc.

WSU provides countless opportunities for us as students to take advantage of on our own road to success.

The work study program is one that allows current, eligible students to maintain a steady job while also being able to fulfill their courses for the school year. With these work study questions answered, now is the time to start your journey down the road to success.