Winona State’s campus is undeniably beautiful. 

Our campus is home to plenty of greenspace, outdoor tables and benches, and natural beauty that make for perfect study spaces. 

Regardless of your class delivery or your study style, heading outside might just be the thing you need to start off this semester right. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about any spotty connections because you can connect to WiFi anywhere on campus. 

So, for all the silent studiers or the project soloists on campus, these beautiful outdoor study spaces won’t disappoint.

1. The PAC Koi Pond 

One of the reasons I like studying by the Koi Pond is because it’s semi-secluded, and it provides some shade on those especially sunny days. 

When class is in session, that’s when I get my reading assignments done. When classes are dismissed, the few students who do pass by don’t distract me because this spot is removed enough that I can focus. 

The Koi Pond is situated just along the DuFresne Performing Arts Center (PAC) and faces Phelps and Somsen Hall. I like this study spot because when I’m done studying, I can walk to class in under five minutes—that’s the beauty of a smedium campus.

Photo by Kelsa Myszewski '21

2. The Clocktower

The clocktower is a great study space for small groups. There are a couple benches right under the clocktower, allowing each group member to comfortably distance from one another while collaborating on the same project. 

And while you work, you can overlook the campus’s greenspaces and enjoy some fresh air.

Photo by Kelsa Myszewski '21

3. The Gazebo 

As one of the most iconic landmarks of campus, you can’t miss the Gazebo. 

The inside of the Gazebo provides a good amount of shade and comfort for studying. So, take a break from your residence hall room, whip out your laptop, and invite a study buddy to meet you there—six feet away, of course.

Photo by Kelsa Myszewski '21

4. Kryzsko Commons Tables

Just outside of Kryzsko Common, there are a couple tables for students to use. The thing I like the most about this study spot is that the tables sit up to two students maximum. 

Those who also appreciate uninterrupted studying will enjoy these outdoor tables—and let’s not forget the view of the courtyard when Fall comes around.

Photo by Kelsa Myszewski '21

5. Gildemeister Hall Fountain

Like to hear running water while studying? The fountain next to Gildemeister Hall is perfect for you. Bring your textbooks and some snacks, and make it a picnic-style study session. 

Nobody said studying couldn’t be relaxing, too.

Photo by Kelsa Myszewski '21


Take advantage of all the outdoor study spaces on campus while we still have good weather. Before you know it, WSU will be a winter wonderland!