As a final project in a Women and Gender Studies 150: Insights and Implications, we decided to make public service announcements about gender-based violence (GBV). There are similar projects directed towards this cause through the White House website. We wanted to add our voice to the cause because of the immense problem sexual harassment has become on college campuses. Everyone in our class has gone through Active Bystander Intervention Training, or PACT training, and believe it can make a huge impact on college campuses in preventing sexual assault.

The three public services announcements we created include persuasive information and steps the general population can take to prevent sexual assault. We wanted to change the mindsets of our current students and challenge them to break the silence against sexual assault by being active bystanders.

The first PSA, created by Natalie Volavka, features national statistics and statistics from Winona State University. While 1 in 5 college aged women are sexually assaulted nationally, only one person at Winona State University has reported being sexually assaulted. This shows just how few survivors choose to report their sexual assault. If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, call the GBV Confidential Hotline at 507.457.5610 for help and support.

The second and third PSAs, created by Logan Wescott and Emily Brandt, focus on the small changes individuals can make that produce a world of a change. The third PSA does this from a male’s perspective and depicts how important males are in this movement in becoming active bystanders.

Step up, and stand actively against sexual assault at Winona State University.

–Emily Brandt, Natalie Volavka and Logan Wescott