Positive thinking is often overlooked as a way to make the world a better place. People get so caught up in something that goes wrong or how to be better they forget to see the good. I know I am guilty of this. However, we can all learn from taking a step back and thinking about the positive side of a situation. Positivity can improve your life as well as the world in these 4 ways:

1) Productivity will increase

Studies show that if a person feels valued by others and believe they are doing a good job, their productivity increases. They also treat those around them the same way, which leads to even more productivity. Instead of dreading working on a project, people begin to enjoy it and want to work on it.

2) People become happier

Similar to productivity, people tend to be happier when they feel valued and appreciated. This also makes people more likely to go out of their way to help another person. Happiness is kind of like a chain reaction – when someone around you is happy it is hard not to be happy too.

3) Stress levels decrease

Going back to what was mentioned earlier, people often worry about the negative side of a situation or how to constantly improve. If we take a step back and look at what went well, stress levels will decrease, and the less stressed we are the better the world can be.

4) People become healthier

With decreased stress and people being more productive and happier, people become healthier. When you are overstressed and frustrated you can make yourself sick. I have definitely done this to myself in the past. No one wants to be sick all the time or around someone who is sick. Being healthy not only improves your life, but the world around you.

Overall, there are many ways positivity can lead to improving the world. The happier, healthier, more productive and stress free we are the more others around us will begin to be too.