Last week, September 11th through the 18th, was I Love WSU Week. It was a time to celebrate donors for the way they enhance the student and faculty experience here at WSU. Throughout the week, Alumni Relations and SOAR covered the campus with numerous tags on the things that have been given to our university from generous donors. I personally love this tagging event because it gives a visual for students, faculty, and the community to see how much we have to be thankful for.

Also in celebration of I LOVE WSU Week, there was a rally with live music, free ice-cream, and student athlete representatives. During this time, anyone who stopped by the gazebo in the middle of campus was encouraged to write a personalized thank you note to a donor.

I can only hope all the donors felt our genuine appreciation, but just in case, I wanted to thank you all one more time.

Thank you, donors, for improving our campus. WSU would not look or feel the way it does without you. I can’t imagine what the IWC would look like with no treadmills or ellipticals. What would the center of campus look like without the Gazebo? WSU Warriors are lucky to live in such a gorgeous place on such a wonderful campus, and it’s because of you.

Thank you, donors, for improving my college experience. I was one of many to receive a small academic scholarship from WSU to start off my freshman year. Every little bit helps when it comes to tackling the cost of attendance for being here, so it truly made a huge impact on me to receive such a gift. You have directly impacted my experience here at WSU and for that, I am overwhelmingly thankful.

Giving to WSU has the potential to make a bigger impact than just improving our campus or improving our individual college experiences. Rather collectively, your donations are helping to support and encourage WSU students as they prepare to go out and work to improve our world. I want to encourage people to continue donating to WSU because it makes a bigger impact than you may know; it is making a difference in our nation and in our world.

Thank you, donors. I hope you know that you are always appreciated, not just during this donor recognition week.