Are you feeling like there is no light in this world since daylight savings time cuts away the hours of the day? Do you need to brighten up that amazing personality of yours and get it into the holiday spirit? Before you think about reaching for the collection of holiday movies, take a minute to learn about the benefit of “You Light Up My Life!”

While this is my first year participating in “You Light Up My Life,” I have had several friends take part in this event in the past and they have really enjoyed it. Starting on November 8th until November 22nd, the Housing and Residence Life sends out information to all the front desks located in the residence halls explaining how students can participate and make a difference in the Winona community.

Along with making a difference in the community, students will get a chance to jump into the holiday season. For only $3, students can sign up for one pair of holiday lights by putting their name down, their email, how much money they are donating, and write down if they want to receive holiday lights. The desk assistant will have a yellow envelope sitting at the front desk for students to submit their donations.

While getting a set of holiday lights may seem “lit,” overall, there is a greater gift emanating from the event. Each time a student buys a pair of holiday lights, the money goes toward “Toys for Kids” located in Winona.

By students investing only $3, they can brighten up a child`s whole world with a new toy in comparison to the holiday lights brightening up the student`s room or floor lounge.  The best part of “You Light Up My Life” takes place after the week of Thanksgiving when a mass email is sent out to the participants in the event telling them to turn on their holiday lights at a specific time, creating an in-sync light show across campus.  If students want more than one pair of holiday lights, they are more than welcome to make a second donation.

I am looking forward to engaging in this years “You Light Up My Life” event because I want to go the extra mile this holiday season and ensure that all experience blissfulness and peacefulness as the cold begins to seep into our environment. If you or your friends are interested in this jolly holiday event on campus, please visit your front desk or any front desk in a residence hall on campus, fill out the form provided, and place a cash donation.  If you have any further questions on the event, feel free to contact the President of the National Residency Hall Honorary Society, Megan Sticha, at

As the best time of the year settles into our society, let us seek to light up the world of those in need before centering on our own desires and dreams. Happy Holidays to all of you Warriors out there!