Thinking outside the box is easier said than done sometimes. Often it can be tough to be innovative and push yourself to try new things. But, I encourage you to use these tips below to help challenge yourself to think in new and creative ways.


1. Don’t do what is expected

It’s simple to jump to the ideas we know that work and the ones we’re comfortable with. But I promise you’ll stand out more if you do the things that are unpredictable. When I’m trying to be creative with a class assignment or with my dance choreography, I try to move away from the ideas that are expected and use the ideas that might be something people have never seen before.


2. Push yourself to think in new ways

There are not many things in this world that can only be done in one way. There are many situations in life that are opportunities to do something in a new way if you try to think outside the box. Expect to get the same results and reactions when you go with what’s comfortable. But if you try something different than what you have done before, then that’s a chance for you to get new and possibly exciting results.


3. It’s okay to fail

Don’t let the fear of failing keep you from trying something new. If you have an idea then take it and run with it. You never know, that creative idea you come up with could bring you success and/or joy. I urge you to try a new way of doing a project or approaching something that is routine and see what can come from it.


4. Be original

People expect to see what they know and what they’re used to. Challenge yourself to think beyond what is expected. Think, what could I do to provide something different than what other people normally do?


5. Write down your ideas

Sometimes ideas come to me while I am walking to class or exercising. It’s important to write down different ideas you have so you never lose a good one. Not all of them will be realistic or even the best of ideas, but when you write them all out it can help you process them and decide what to do next with them.


I challenge you to think outside the box, be original and do something unexpected. You never know the good that can come from an innovative idea. Plus, your idea could go beyond impacting your own world – it could have the potential to improve the rest of the world around you!

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