Water pollution is more common now than ever and it is something that needs to be brought to the attention of more people. Here at WSU we pride ourselves in our beautiful campus and how we take care of it.

Here are a few things you should know about water pollution and how you, as a WSU student, can help.


Lake Winona

What is water pollution?

According to the Environmental Pollution Centers, water pollution is most commonly known as the presence of toxins in water that can be harmful to the environment.


How do we cause water pollution?

There are fifteen known ways that humans cause water pollution:

  1. Dumping
  2. Industrial Runoff
  3. Agricultural Runoff
  4. Chemical Runoff
  5. Landfills
  6. Plastics
  7. Construction Runoff
  8. Batteries
  9. Domestic City Sewage
  10. Septic Systems
  11. Too Many Nutrients
  12. Hormones and Antibiotics
  13. Leaks and Spills
  14. Fossil Fuels
  15. Mining

It is important to note that there are both direct and indirect causes of water pollution. Direct being causes that change the water instantly. Indirect are causes that have to go through various phases before they affect the water.


What can I do?

As college students, we are lucky enough to be able to go to school in a location that provides us with a body of water to use recreationally and it is important that we keep it clean. While at the lake using your Lake Lodge Membership, make sure to always clean up after yourself and keep track of your belongings.

“Earth Eclipse” has a great list of twenty-five ways to prevent water pollution, here are a few from that list:

  1. Keep out oils, fat, and grease from the sink.
  2. Avoid direct dumping into water systems.
  3. Resist from using the toilet as a trash bin.

WSU is a university that values its environment immensely, especially with Lake Winona at the entrance of campus. Be a part of the culture to care for the environment here at WSU. Together, we can improve our campus, our city, and our world.