As college students, it’s universally accepted that we don’t have much disposable income. We work jobs that pay minimum wage. We scrape underneath couch cushions, behind tables, and under parked cars in search of change. We inwardly weep every time we’re forced to visit the bookstore for yet another textbook.

So, even though this is considered the season of giving, how can we be expected to make donations to charitable organizations? And even if we do, are our sparse contributions even worthwhile?

Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21


Your Contributions Matter believes that they are. The website sponsors a number of different non-profit organizations within the state and gives these folks an online presence to both spread information about their missions and receive monetary donations. According to their homepage, the site has generated more than $75,000,000 for the state of Minnesota alone. It was launched by the Minnesota Community Foundation in 2009 and, since then, has helped numerous schools and nonprofits.


Today is the Day, Give to the Max

Today, November 15, 2018, is sponsoring an event called “Give to the Max Day,” and it’s a chance for you to donate to some of your favorite causes. The Winona State Foundation is one of the organizations that you could donate to!

Maybe you’re an animal lover and would love to support a cause working to provide humane care and treatment. The Winona Area Humane Society is participating in this event and accepting donations. There are other community non-profits participating too! Such as, the Friends of the Winona Public Library, the Winona Arts Center and Winona Health Foundation. Local high schools and middle schools are also represented, along with numerous churches, environmental organizations, and activist groups.


Your Donation Can be Multiplied

All of these non-profits are promoting their mission for “Give to the Max Day” in the hopes that everyday people, like us college students, will donate. Throughout the day, sponsors of will give grants and match donations, especially to those organizations with the most activity. That means that even a donation of ten dollars could become something huge.


Make a Little Mean a Lot

“Give to the Max Day” is a reminder that even though you’re giving from your own pocket, paycheck or couch cushion, your donation is part of a bigger movement. Even if you’re only able to give a little, it can mean a lot to these organizations.

Although donations are always welcome for these non-profits, “Give to the Max Day” is the perfect opportunity for college students, who are usually starved of cash, to make a little mean a lot.

– Updated on 11/15/18 by Erin Kloepping ’19