The WSU SEED Garden is an initiative that adds to our university’s rich culture, but at the same time, not many students know much about it.


A man holding seeds.

Get involved with the SEED Garden and learn how to grow your own food! Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21


What is the WSU SEED Garden?

The WSU S.E.E.D. (Sustainable, Edible, Education, Discovery) Garden is a project that was created as a student-led project and is sponsored by the WSU Arboretum and Sustainability committees. The SEED Garden provides a way for students to learn how to grow foods in a sustainable way while also developing healthy habits.

The project was first proposed by student Alison Bettin with later help from students Jack Smyth and Jackson Ramsland. Through the help of faculty-advisor Jonathon Mauser, Jackson Ramsland applied for and received the inaugural “Student Green Fee” award to build and maintain the garden project. 

The garden is currently located on 260 West 8th Street, situated behind the SLC and the Quad. You can look for the sign and the garden on the edge of the Central Lutheran Church parking lot.


Get Involved Today!

The SEED Garden would love for you to join in on this student-led project. Here are four reasons why you should get involved with the SEED Garden while you’re a student:


1. Spend time outdoors

From planting delicious foods to helping take care of the garden, you are sure to get your fill of sunshine and the great outdoors.


2. Grow your own food

At the SEED garden, you get to grow your own food and take it with you. This is great for hungry college students – free groceries!


3. Learn easy, healthy habits

From growing your own food, you can easily learn healthy habits that will keep you on the right track for a good life. These habits can focus on filling your diet with healthy foods and discovering what foods are most beneficial for you personally.


4. Meet new people

College is a time for meeting new people and making new connections. Getting involved with the SEED garden is one way to meet new people who share similar interests in gardening, the outdoors, or simply being eco-friendly.

The WSU SEED Garden is an opportunity to get involved on campus and has some healthy benefits too. Your involvement could help you learn a lifelong hobby as well as healthy habits for living everyday life.

The SEED Garden is looking for more students to get involved this year. If you’re interested in learning more about the S.E.E.D. Garden or how to get your hands in the dirt, contact faculty advisor, Jonathon Mauser (, or Arboretum Committee Member, Logan Wescott (