As the semester wraps up, our lives become busier and busier. It’s hard to fit anything into our already packed schedules, but by taking a few seconds out of our day, we can make someone else’s a little bit better! Here are six acts of kindness you should do before the semester ends.


1.  Compliment someone on their character rather than their physical appearance.

It’s great to receive a compliment such as “I love your hair today” or “Those shoes are so cute!” However, what will really brighten someone’s day is if you compliment them on something they’ve been working very hard on recently. Putting a twist on your compliments focuses on a person’s character, which is much more rewarding to be praised for than their physical appearance.


Student complimenting another student's character.

Photo by Amy Nelson ’20


2. Say hi to people even when you may feel uncomfortable.

Most of us have a hard time going out of our way to make conversation with strangers on campus. However, I think we can all agree that when someone we don’t know says hi or wishes us a good day, we feel great! By going out of our own comfort zones, we can start conversations with people we likely wouldn’t have had otherwise.


Students saying hi and starting conversation.

Photo by Amy Nelson ’20


3. Hold the door for someone when it is inconvenient for you.

It’s easy to hold the door for someone behind you when you’re early for class. When you’re late or stressed out, however, it’s much harder to have the patience to hold the door open. If you do this act of kindness when it’s inconvenient for you, though, it means all the more to a person who may be having a bad day themselves!


Student holding the door open for someone behind them.


4. Pay for a friend’s meal at Kryzsko Commons.

As the end of the year starts to come closer, you might have some extra meal swipes or Kryzsko Kash on your Warrior ID. Call up a friend and treat them after a long day of studying or pay for the person behind you! Whether or not they’re someone you know, they’re guaranteed to appreciate this gesture.


Student purchasing someone else's meal.

Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21


5. Let someone cut in front of you in line if they’re running late.

As college students, we all have busy lives. Sometimes it’s difficult to fit everything into the short 24 hours we get each day. If you notice someone is in a hurry, be empathetic and let them cut in front of you in line at Caribou Coffee in the library or at Zane’s.


Student letting somone go in front of them in line.

Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21


6. Offer a classmate your notes if they miss class.

Sometimes life gets in the way of us making it to every single class period. If you know that a friend missed class because of another responsibility they had, offer them your notes or fill them in on what they missed. Hopefully if you ever need it, they’ll do the same for you!


Students offering notes for classmates.

Photo by Brooke Powell ’21


Implementing a few of these acts of kindness into your days before this semester ends will allow you to leave this school year and continue into summer on a good note. Write them down on Post-Its and stick them to your mirror to serve as a daily reminder, or perhaps schedule them randomly on your calendar. Either way, look for ways to improve people’s days as often as possible because you never know when you will want someone to do the same for you.