Let’s be real: going to college can be expensive. Because it’s likely the biggest investment you’ll encounter as a young adult, you may be tempted to put other expenses on the back-burnerincluding food. If you’re someone who’s on a tight budget and ends up skipping meals, there’s an incredible free resource at Winona State University that’s just for you: the Warrior Cupboard

The Warrior Cupboard is located in IWC 130 between the fitness studio and the WELL. It’s a storage center that carries non-perishable foods and hygiene products. This stockpile of goods is available for WSU students who may be struggling with finances and affording healthy groceries while pursuing their education.


Photo by Seth Thompson ’21


As an RA, I get to see first-hand what my residents are consuming whenever I hang out near our communal kitchen. I see a lot of pre-packaged and microwaveable meals. Many of these foods lack vegetables, which means they have low nutritional value. I greatly appreciate the Warrior Cupboard for the resources they provide to students who cannot afford to eat anything but highly processed snacks or meals. 

I’ve had conversations with friends who are involved in other campus organizations and they’re interested in learning more about the Warrior Cupboard. Some of them are even looking into volunteering or getting other club members to donate, so I thought this post would be helpful for others who are curious, too! 

I think this is a great step toward the wellness of our school population. You don’t have to be a genius to know that foods high in fat, sugar, and preservatives give limited energy, lead to obesity, and fail to keep you full for long. These negative effects of a low-quality diet also contribute to poorer grades, which is sad to see, especially as an RA. 


Photo by Seth Thompson ’21


I believe that the Warrior Cupboard is improving our world by allowing others to give back to the community. College students truly grow in the act of giving or serving. 

This is important to our students because society emphasizes a lifestyle of taking what’s best for the self and coveting this when we all need to learn how to give what we have, even when we don’t have much. 

I personally cannot wait to see how the Warrior Cupboard continues to improve the well-being of our campus as a whole!


Photo by Seth Thompson ’21


The Warrior Cupboard is fully funded through student and faculty donations. Here’s how you can show your support ASAP:




The Warrior Cupboard is always looking for volunteers. You can help run food drives by partnering with Housing & Residence Life and the WSU Bookstore or planning fundraising events on campus, such as Go Fund Me campaigns. 

Volunteer alongside your friends, teammates and club members or by yourself, but make sure to send the Warrior Cupboard an email for more information on available opportunities. 


Photo by Seth Thompson ’21




Support the Warrior Cupboard today with monetary donations or dry goods.


Make an electronic donation by credit card:

1.  Visit the WSU Online Giving Portal

2.  Enter the amount of your donation

3.  Select “Other” from the drop-down menu

4.  Enter “Warrior Cupboard-30312” in the “Other” field

5.  Fill out the remainder of the form and submit by clicking the “Donate Now” button at the bottom


You can choose to make recurring or one-time donations—either is greatly appreciated by the Warrior Cupboard and WSU students who rely on it.

The Warrior Cupboard also accepts shelf-stable, dry goods, such as canned items like beans, veggies, and soup; pasta and rice; and toiletries and cleaning products.


Photo by Seth Thompson ’21


If you yourself are struggling with finances to afford food, email the Warrior Cupboard your name, WSU email address, and StarID to see if you qualify for private access. You can also find more information about the Warrior Cupboard on the WSU website.

And remember, there is never any shame with seeking these types of resources—they are there for you!