“Winona State as a community really cares about its learners and you can see that now… Faculty are coming together, and they’re working hard to create an environment for students that is going to help them be successful through the end of this term.” -Dr. Linda Kingston, Assistant Vice President Online Learning, Winona State University

To help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Winona State University and universities across the nation have begun plans to provide instruction using alternative modes of delivery such as online formats. Face-to-face delivery will no longer be an option when WSU classes resume on March 30, 2020 following the extended spring break. Classes will continue to be delivered through alternative modes of delivery through the end of spring semester. Specifics will be coming from individual instructors.

What is Online Education?

WSU-Rochester is here to help answer questions about online education, distance learning, and other alternative modes of delivery. Dr. Jeanine Gangeness, Associate Vice President of WSU-Rochester, recently held on online video chat with Dr. Linda Kingston, Assistant Vice President Online Learning, about her decades-long career helping to develop and implement online educational tools.

Topics discussed include creating community in an online learning environment, the robust digital infrastructure in place at Winona State University, and how technology can be integrated into a comprehensive and supportive educational experience. Please watch the full video or clips below.

We hope this conversation will help provide you with a better understanding of what online education is and how technology will help educators continue to provide quality education in a time of necessary physical distancing and self-isolation.

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