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Kyle Shares Why Rochester is a Great Place to Switch Careers


” I think people are missing out if they have not yet figured out that Rochester is a great place to be if you are considering a new career path.”

Name: Kyle Aure
Age: 28
Hometown: Born in Wisconsin but calls Big Lake, Minnesota his hometown
Family: His partner; Brent, Sister; Rachael, and two cats; Karn & Jimothy
College: PSEO at Anoka Ramsey & Winona State University-Rochester
Major: B.S.T Math Education and soon to earn a 2nd B.S. in Computer Science

Kyle’s Passions

I’m passionate about “creative things” which can show up anywhere. This is one of the reasons I’m pursuing a degree in Computer Science.

Computer Science is creative because you get to problem solve. Beyond that Brent and I are into, believe it or not, board games – the kind that takes eight hours to finish. In today’s world of technology (yes, this is coming from a Computer Science major) we as people, have become separated. Getting together with others to play a long board game allows us to come to the table, have conversations, express creativity, and have fun.

Where Kyle Works

I work at IBM as a Websphere Software Developer for their Hybrid Cloud department. Last summer I did an internship and because I already had a bachelor’s degree, although it was in Math Education, IBM was able to hire me. Employers are willing to work with you and they understood that I will soon have my degree in Computer science. So this summer I am working full time with IBM and taking classes at WSU-R, working to finish up my 2nd bachelor’s degree in Computer science.

Kyle’s WSU-R Experience

WSU-R is a college experience that works in today’s world. I work full-time and my classes are at lunchtime or night. There’s always a way to make the schedule work around your life.

Here was the big WSU-R differentiating factor: My professors worked in the industry, aka-the real world. For example, they were retired from IBM or currently working at Mayo. This took my education and experience beyond academics. They become mentors, in a way, by providing guidance. For instance, they are great at giving you advice on things you can do outside of class to make sure you’re more marketable. I love that their examples come from real-life experiences and are not just from a textbook. I’d say my experience at WSU-R was beyond “just getting an education”, there was a great deal of practical real-world guidance.

Kyle’s Advice to His Younger Self

Don’t be afraid of who you are. I spent too much time comparing myself to others and thought I had to change or fit into a certain mold to be a Math Educator or Computer Software Developer. I would see others I admired and then try to change myself to be like them. You don’t have to do this. To make your own path, you learn from others and then adapted to be who you truly are. That’s a model for success in the real world. I would also tell my younger self to be more outgoing and get out of my own head. Meet people, share with them, because they are interested in you, too. Self-doubt can be a real crippler.

Kyle’s Prediction for His Future

In five years: I would like to be working on my masters in Computer science. I’m learning a great deal in my career with IBM but I want to make sure my learning never stops.
In ten years: Doctorate Degree – Never stop learning!
In fifteen years: The teaching bug is still in me and I’d could see myself helping others as a professor at a University.

What Kyle Had to Say About Rochester

I think people are missing out if they have not yet figured out that Rochester is a great place to be if you are considering a new career path. There are so many opportunities here. Even the internship opportunities are great and companies are definitely seeking. Too often they have to look outside to find talent. When I interned at IBM I was the only one from Minnesota. Because of this, I truly think that if you live in Rochester, it’s easy to switch careers. There will be an opportunity for you right in your own back yard. This town is poised for great things.

Kyle's two cats, Karn and Jimothy, cuddle on a sofa.

Kyle’s two cats, Karn and Jimothy, cuddle on a sofa.

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