Winona State University president Scott Olson. (Post Bulletin file)

Winona State University President Scott Olson. (Post Bulletin file)

“The thing that is the most challenging is the ambiguity. Normally, we’d have a single plan. But this fall, there has to be a Plan A and a Plan B. We began the planning way back in May. We asked ourselves: Is the fall going to be everything back to normal, so plan as if everything was just the same? Or is the fall going to be 100 percent online, like it was after spring break (after the coronavirus pandemic hit)? Or is it likely that the fall is going to be something in between, a mix of online and in-person classes.”


-Winona State University President Scott Olson, “When it pays to have a Plan B,” Post Bulletin, 7/21/2020

WSU is ready to welcome our students for the Fall 2020 semester– whether they plan to join us on campus or through online classes.

While we cannot predict how this pandemic will unfold, we are prepared to respond and adapt as necessary. Winona State University-Rochester is committed to helping our students access quality education no matter the circumstances in their lives or in our community.

Winona State University President Scott Olson recently sat down with the Rochester Post Bulletin to share how WSU has planned for a return to classes amidst the ambiguity and uncertainty all universities are facing amidst this global pandemic.

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