Whether you are a freshmen or senior, every student experiences a few struggles and difficulties during their college careers. That’s why WSU has made a variety of resources available to its students that are not only free, but easy to access!

Here are several campus resources you should take advantage of this semester.

Health & Wellness

Ask-A-Nurse Message Line for Health Services

Brought to you by Health & Wellness Services, the Ask-A-Nurse Message Line gives students quick access to a nurse when you’re unsure if you should see a doctor, or if you have any questions/concerns about self-care. This is accessibility at its finest!

Online Metal Health Self-assessment

One of the many mental health resources Counseling Services provides students includes the online self-assessment tool.

This anonymous questionnaire you can submit identifies stress, anxiety, depression and other problems you may be experiencing. Then a counselor will respond to your confidential assessment to help you with next steps.

Pet Therapy for Stress Relief

If you’re stressed out or simply miss the love of a furry friend while at college, stop by IWC 138 on Wednesdays from 4-5pm to get some doggy support from Aiden and Winston!

Academic & Career Success

Meet with an Advisor

Among the many ways the Warrior Success Center encourages students to be successful, Advising Services is an often over looked resources. You can meet with advisors regarding anything academics, major and career exploration, resume assistance and more.

Schedule your appointment through AdvisorTrac today!

Meet with a Tutor

Thanks to Tutoring Services, sharing and scheduling tutoring information is easier than ever! Here you are able to search for 1-on-1 tutor options as well as group session for a range of subjects. It’s quick, easy and FREE.

Schedule your appointment through TutorTrac today!

Writing Center

Always a great place to receive writing, reading or research help, the Writing Center in Minne 348 offers free, individualized instruction by undergrad and graduate students specializing in writing careers.

It doesn’t matter your major – someone will always be able to help! Although walk-ins are welcome, it’s better to make an appointments.

But, remember to come to the Writing Center several days to one week before an assignment is due! It’s always better to visit sooner than later.

TRIO Student Support Services

If you qualify for this great program, you can have access to services including academic advising and various other support opportunities. TRIO Student Support Services advisors help students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education.

Stop by the office in Library 219 or call to see if this program is right for you, too!

Career Prep Toolkit

Take a look at the Career Prep Toolkit available online as you’re beginning to manage your future career.

One tool you should consider using if you need help with interviewing is InterviewStream. It is private, free and you do not need access to a webcam to practice answering most-asked interview questions. If you don’t have a webcam, you can use the kiosk location in Maxwell 314.

There’s no appointment necessary, and you can answer up to six questions in 20 minutes or less.

Money & Scholarships

WSU Foundation Scholarships

Not sure where to look for scholarships? The WSU Foundation makes applying for scholarships a breeze and gives you a chance to at 800+ scholarships worth over $1 million total.

After you sign in with your StarID and fill out your general application, you will immediately be matched with scholarships for which you meet the minimum eligibility criteria. Then you can choose to provide extra information to apply for more specific scholarships.

Personal Finance with CashCourse

Gain control of your finances with CashCourse, a free web-based resource for those looking to learn about financial literacy and wellness.

Stop feeling stressed and anxious about money, and start using this tool to manage, explore and learn about your personal finances including how to apply for financial aid, ways to budget, how to get out of debt and how to start paying off student loans.

Register for your free account today!

Community Support

KEAP Center

The KEAP Center is a welcoming, safe space for students of diverse backgrounds and identities to gather together. Come to hang out with friends, study or attend an event!

First-Gen Warriors

If you are the first person in your family to go to college or earn a bachelor’s degree, you are considered a first-generation student. This means that college can be especially overwhelming since you don’t have anyone in your family to guide you through it.

First-Gen Warriors is a group that helps students like you find the resources and support you need to be successful at WSU.

Warrior Cupboard On-Campus Food Shelf

The Warrior Cupboard is designed to provide supplemental food items for students skipping meals and struggling to afford food. It’s a private, accessible and easy way to get the food you need to stay focused on being a successful student.

Support for Student Parents

It’s challenging enough to be a college student, and doubly so when you are also a parent or currently pregnant. WSU offers free services to student-parents to help them balance their roles and continuing earning their degrees.


Updated Nov. 10, 2021 by Elizabeth Berres