As a kid growing up, Alex Tracy wanted to be a teacher.  

When he was six years old, he would come home from school and teach his homework to his stuffed animals, family members, or to no one at all. That dream never changed. 

The Fall 2021 Winona State University student is graduating with an Education degree in Social Studies.  

“I knew I always wanted to be in a role that impacted and cared for other people,” he said. 

At WSU, Tracy got to explore his interest in not only education, but also other passions of his:

“A lot of the courses I took were history and social science courses,” Tracy said, adding that his classes on World War II and the Holocaust were especially impactful. “I feel like I learned a lot.” 

Outside of his classes, his time at WSU was filled with engaging experiences. One in particular was when he participated in the Warrior Vote group in 2020, which was a program that encouraged people to take part in the election. 

“We drew a group of people including athletes, student senators, (and Resident Assistants) on campus,” Tracy said. “I got to work closely with them to engage people in the election and to get out and vote and have their voice heard.”

Being able to connect with people is a big factor of why Alex is so passionate about teaching.

In fact, he wants to teach middle schoolers once he graduates because of how well he connects with them:  

“They are challenging, but in a fun way,” Tracy said.

Most important to Tracy is having an impact on students:

“It’s cool when you are in a setting where people come from different areas, from different backgrounds, from different stories—and you get to know each one of them individually,” Tracy said. “I like building those relationships with kids.” 

Tracy treasured his time at Winona State and enjoyed the close-knit community and the fact that he could walk across campus and would inevitably run into someone he knows. 

“I will absolutely miss the community and the friendships I’ve made.”  

Four years filled with friends, classes, community, and Panda Express go by quite quickly, but Tracy’s advice to new students beginning their college journey is the same that he’ll live by as he goes out into the world with his new degree: 


Just don’t be afraid to get yourself out there. Take advantage of every opportunity.