Each person may have a different set of essentials for their backpack. Throughout the years, I’ve found these 10 things to help me out the most during the school week:


1. Pencils and pens

This one is a no brainier, but for some reason some people still seem to forget a pen or pencil. It’s always a smart idea to have a pen and pencil in another compartment in your backpack just in case your sole writing utensil happens to disappear.


2. Hand sanitizer

Having a small hand sanitizer in your backpack helps you out more than you would think. Sometimes, right before a meal, it’s inconvenient for you to go to the bathroom and wash your hands – especially when you’re on campus. But if you have this on you it’s a quick way to kill those germs.


3. Water bottle

It’s definitely important to stay hydrated during the day. It keeps you healthy and energizes you. The health benefits are endless, so make sure you’re sipping on your H2O all day!


4. Planner

Writing down future due dates and test dates is extremely helpful. Even putting events from your personal life in there is a good way to stay organized, so be sure to add your work and club schedules in there are well. Staying organized in this way will alleviate a lot of stress in your life.


5. Laptop

Besides the obvious reasons that your laptop is important (assignments, email, etc.), it’s also a way to pass time between classes or things you have to do on campus. Which leads me to…


6. Headphones

Don’t be that annoying person who forgot their headphones and decides to watch a quick Netflix episode between classes. Also, other people aren’t interested in listening to your music most of the time, so having headphones with you while on campus is essential!


7. Gum/mints

Many people don’t think about this one, but it can really help you out. Sometimes the cafeteria might serve something with not the best aftertaste and you have to meet with a group project right after. It’s convenient to keep with you just in case you really need it and don’t want to feel self-conscious all day.


8. Wallet

You want to keep your personal cards and money with you always, but DON’T leave your backpack unattended with these times in it. Plus, you’ll never know when you might be craving something from the vending machines between classes and need a quick dollar bill.


10. Chapstick

Don’t you hate the feeling of dry, cracked lips that you keep licking during class? Having Chapstick in your bag at all times is a great thing to remember so you don’t have to use a friends with the potential to get sick.

Now, check your backpack to make sure you have these 10 crucial things to get you through the school week!

-Kassidy Jackson and Allison Mueller