With midterms officially behind us at WSU, the next round of exams to prepare for are finals. Although they may seem like forever away, they tend to creep up on us every semester. Here are 10 signs that finals week is fast approaching us:

1. A coffee cup is in everyone’s hands

Coffee Drinking GIF

2. People you’ve never seen before appear in class

all that nicksplat GIF

3. Everyone's default outfit is sweatpants

excited dan james GIF by Much

4. Your favorite study spot in the library is being used

book challenge GIF

5. Your laptop is about to fly away with all of your open tabs

throws laptop GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

6. People look like zombies from lack of sleep

tired friday GIF

7. Baldwin Lounge is full of students alternately studying and sleeping

Revise English GIF by Reuben Armstrong

8. There are always lines in Zane's

SpongeBob gif. Patrick happily chews with big bulging cheeks and saliva all over his mouth. He leans over a table that has an empty plate and various foods on it.

9. Students are rushing to finish projects and papers

Video gif. A cat sits at a table in front of a laptop, banging its little arms on the keyboard as if it were furiously typing.

10. But once the finals are over, we celebrate!

Celebration Reaction GIF

Mark your calendars for finals season and make sure not to save everything until the last minute, Warriors! Happy studying!

Updated by Grace Wagner(02/14/2023)