You may be feeling like Winter is never going to end, but now it is finally starting to feel warm again! If you were faced with at least half of these, you definitely had the full “Winter in Winona Experience.”



1. It was time to rescue your coat from the depths of your closet.


2.  Unveiling your winter boots and realizing that it might be time for a fresh new pair!

hey arnold nick splat GIF

3.  Sipping on hot cocoa, relying on it to keep you warm and cozy on an extremely chilly day.

                    Hot Chocolate Disney GIF by LEGO

4.  The sidewalks being so icy that you must walk like a penguin, so you don’t slip and slide!

                         Fail Falling Down GIF

5.  Being excited about classes getting cancelled and having a surprise day off!

Fast And Furious Friday GIF by The Fast Saga

6.  You and your roommates all get sick at the same time and rely on cold medicine to cure you.

I Feel Sick GIF

7.  Looking like a marshmallow walking out of your house on your way to class in the freezing cold!

8.  Not leaving your house at all on a cold weekend day and sleeping on and off for the length of it.

                    Staying In Bed GIF by CBS

9.  Getting your car stuck in the snow and not knowing what to do!

                      Merry Christmas Car GIF by Lifetime

10.  Realizing that winter in Winona can actually be very beautiful… if it just wasn’t so cold.

students walk across the snow covered campus

Once it starts getting warmer out, and the snow begins to melt, that is how you will know that Spring is coming, and you successfully survived another Winter in Winona!

11.  The big piles of snow begin to melt, making huge puddles of water that you have to somehow maneuver around!

puddles raining GIF

12.  You notice a consistent increase in temperature, making more people go outside!

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13.  The surrounding lakes start to thaw out, melt, and come back to life!

Dog Falling GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos

14.  You feel the urge to start your Spring cleaning and open more windows to bring in the flow of fresh air throughout your home!

season 2 cleaning GIF by The Good Place

15.  And finally, you start to see more people enjoying the outdoors in warmer temperature and having a fun time with their friends!

Beach Day Singing GIF by Walt Disney Animation Studios







Updated by Hailey Seipel (10/21/2019)