graduates listen to the commencement speaker


If you are graduating soon and getting ready for the start of reality, here is a list of must-haves you MUST do before you graduate from Winona State University! Graduation can be bitter-sweet, so make the most of it by making unforgettable memories.


  1. Grab a bite to eat with friends at the Lakeview Drive Inn
  2. Stargaze or watch the sunrise from the top of the bluffs!
  3. Hike up Sugar Loaf
  4. Have a beach day at Latsch Beach!
  5. Go to at least one football game
  6. Go axe throwing at Winona Axe and Arcade!
  7. Enjoy a delicious s’more at the fire feature outside Kryzsko
  8. Try to pet one of the crazy squirrels!
  9. Tour some of the local thrift shops including Grace Place, The Clothes Shop, and DJ Warehouse!
  10. Go swimming at the Winona State pool
  11. Visit the Minnesota Marine Art Museum
  12. Go to Bloedow’s and get a donut!
  13. Go with your friends to Zane’s and spend all your dining dollars!
  14. Go to $5 movie Tuesdays at the Winona 7 Theater
  15. Try out Penguin Zesto!
  16. Watch the sunset and take pretty pictures by Prairie Island
  17. Go for a drive around town with friends and reminisce!
  18. Grab a coffee at Blooming Grounds Express, Acoustic, Blue Heron, Ridgelands or Mugby! (Tour the local coffee shops and buy one at each)
  19. Visit the Koi Pond by the Gazebo!
  20. Go for a walk around both of the lakes
  21. See if you can find the WSU tunnels for yourself
  22. Go canoeing!!!
  23. Go rock climbing on campus!
  24. Meet with your favorite professor and get to know them better!
  25. Volunteer with a Winona non-profit organization!
  26. Get a picture with Wazoo!!
  27. Go to a Kryzsko after dark and grocery BINGO!
  28. Go to Garvin Heights and take in how beautiful our college town is!
  29. Grab a yummy bite to eat at Muddled Thyme
  30. Take pictures around campus in your cap and gown!
  31. And last but not least… graduate!!

All of the items on this list have at least one thing is common, taking advantage of what Winona really has to offer. Winona State University is a one-of-a-kind campus, so don’t take this for granted and make sure you are making memories that will last a lifetime!

Embrace your college experience and cherish every single moment!