Although there are tons of requirements and responsibilities that go along with being an RA, which are covered in my last blog, the rewards of the position are awesome. Here are a few things you can gain from an RA position:


1. Making friends who will last a lifetime

Whether these people are your fellow staff members or your residents, you will get to know them through the good and the bad. They’re the people who you go to for support.


2. You’ll gain life skills that may help you in the most weirdest or serious of situations

From your home life, your current and future friendships, and your future professional goals, there’s going to be conflict. Luckily, since you are already trained to help with conflict, think about how ahead you’ll come out! In addition, with crisis management skills under your belt, most situations feel like no big deal.


3. Resume building opportunities

This job provides many professional development outlooks! Take advantage of that and put things on your resume–from crisis management and event development to administration and leadership skills. There is a lot this job prepares you for!


4. Not having to pay for your housing and food

One of the best perks is not having to pay for food and housing! Don’t take it lightly, though. Being an RA is a hard job–one of the hardest and sometimes one of the most unappreciated jobs you’ll ever have! But, it’s so worth it for what you can do for others and yourself!