When you first meet your roommate, it can be a little weird. Your conversations consist of question after question as you try to understand this new person who is going to be sleeping 4ft from you. But then, you clicked. After you found out all the similarities the two of you have, you were inseparable.

best friends

1. You watch TV shows and movies together.
You wouldn’t dare to watch “The Bachelor” without each other.


2. You tell them everything.
You always feel better after a couple of hours of venting about your day.

stories with roommate

3. You do everything together.
Whether if it is going to a sporting event, movie, or just staying in for a pizza night.

hanging out with roommate

4. You can be yourself.
They already know everything about you. You can’t hide how weird you are anymore.

weird with roommate

5. Other people tell you how lucky you are to be close to your roommate. 
Let’s be honest, they aren’t just your roommate. They are also one of your best friends.

best friends with roommate

It might take some time to click with your roommate but they can be your best friend once you get to know them.