As a freshman at WSU, this time of transitioning from home to now living in the residence halls can be very difficult.


Now being a junior and living with four other roommates in a duplex off campus, I have been through life in the residence halls and I know a few tips for making it more bearable when the homesickness kicks in.


1. Make your space feel cozy and home-like

The next time you go home to visit your family, I highly recommend you bring back with you some photos of family and friends. Remember to also grab your favorite cozy blanket, décor from your old room and other personal touches.

I found that decorating my residence hall room with my personal things made it feel much cozier and less intimidating.


2. Be sure to schedule some alone time into your schedule

When living in the residence halls, you have probably already noticed that you are around people 24/7 and it can become a little overwhelming at times. During my freshman year, I liked finding a quiet place to go such as a coffee shop, the gym or the library when I needed to get some serious study time in. Making time for yourself is important and trust me, you will need it!


3. Continue to make friends, especially with your roommate

The thing that really helped me with my transition to college after being such a mommy’s girl and relying on her for literally everything was having the best roommate I could ask for and the best of friends.

However, I didn’t meet all my best friends that I have today within the first few weeks. It took time. Don’t stress about meeting people right away because the first couple of weeks are super hectic. If you have a good connection with you roommate, everything will be much more manageable.


4. Keep you room clean

I made this mistake my freshman year of not taking out the trash regularly, never doing my laundry until the bin was so full I had to borrow my roommates clothes for class, not vacuuming or sweeping up crumbs, and losing some homework because all my books were scattered.

Remember that a clean room is a happy room. I learned that when I kept my room clean and organized, I felt better about myself and my roommate liked it better, too. Take care of yourself! Don’t let your mom down.


5. Call your parents often

When you are feeling down or homesick, your parents are the best ones to cheer you up and make you feel better. They also really love to hear from you! I called my mom a couple times a week, if not every day my freshman year. Phone or Skype calls make life without your family bearable.



As time goes on, the residence halls will begin to feel more like home. For now, continue to build a friendship with your roommate and work on turning your room into a cozy nook.


Updated by Hailey Seipel (10/21/2019)