I’ve experienced multiple homecomings in my past few years here at WSU. Which means there have been many games, fun times with friends and tons of school spirit. It’s a huge motivator for me for the rest of the year!


female student cheers during homecoming football game


Because I’ve had so much experience, I would like to pass that off to you to make your week super memorable.

The stereotype is that homecoming equals all the alcohol you can have. While few people may take this literally, you would be surprised on how many people actually don’t consume any alcohol and have an AWESOME week. So, let’s get started…


1.   Get outside!

It’s going to be cold soon, so get outside while you can! Use homecoming to leave your room, get some Vitamin D and participate in fun activities. Go disc golfing, take some pictures and spend time by the lake! Or, if you’re adventurous, hike up Garvin Heights or Sugarloaf. The opportunities are endless.


2.   Support University events and bring your friends

UPAC and other clubs/organizations put on a multitude of events this week to make sure you’re not bored. Basically, it’s a pass for free food and fun!

Check out what’s going on this week on Winona State’s Facebook page or website. If you are worried about going alone, drag your roommate with you (not literally, of course).

3.   See if your RA is doing anything!

Usually the RAs are stuck in the buildings during homecoming Saturday and the day after. Chances are they’ll probably be in their rooms or doing rounds in the building.

Keep them company! Coming from experience, we don’t get to go outside and have fun, so we’re more than willing to hang out with you and get to know you better. Heck, there probably will be free food involved! We’re not scary. Promise.

4.   Have a chill Netflix night with friends (or have a homework party – your choice)

Homecoming is a way to make connections and have fun with other people! Take advantage of that. Get to know your fellow floor and building-mates. It will help later as you network with other people in your building and our campus!

Nothing brings people together like a good ole Netflix binge. But, don’t use this as an excuse to not do your homework – you don’t want to be playing catch up for the rest of the semester!


5.   Bring your roommates and floor-mates to the football game

If you’re an avid football fan, or even if you’re not, the homecoming game is always a fun time to go out and show your Warrior pride!

It’s full of blasting music, screaming fans and it’s just an experience that really only happens once a year. Take advantage of it! Besides, we get free admission to games. The game on Saturday, so go and support your fellow Warriors!

Have a safe and fun homecoming!