Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean classes have ended! Many Warriors are still in Winona attending summer classes. For these individuals, finding the perfect study spot can be crucial to be able to focus and be productive.

Some people like complete silence while studying while some like music or some kind of background noise. Here are some great study spots on and off campus for any studying location preference, especially in this beautiful summer weather!

1. Third floor of the SLC

3rd floor of the SLC

Believe it or not, some people don’t even know this exists. It is a secluded and comfy place to get work done! It has many comfortable chairs and different tables. It’s never been loud to the point where you can’t focus. This area is cozy and awesome for working on homework when it’s rainy or too hot out.

2. Around the gazebo

Gazebo in the middle of the courtyard on campus

There’s plenty of benches and grass to study on and get some schoolwork done in the sun. Around the gazebo is a great area to get fresh air and enjoy the weather, with reliable wifi of course!

3. Around Lake Winona

view of the Winona Big Lake

Not every college has beautiful scenery like WSU has with the bluffs and lakes. This is a super relaxing spot to crank out some studying. Bring a blanket to lay out and take advantage of the spots around the lake. There’s also free wifi, but remember that is can be spotty!

4. In a hammock

It’s a great idea to invest in a hammock and hang out on campus, or around Winona, to study! Many students have done this once the weather starts to warm up. Give it a try!

5. Outside at Blooming Grounds or Mugby Junction

Settle yourself outside one of Winona’s many coffee shops such as Blooming Grounds or Mugby Junction. These cute and comfortable spaces provide wifi and sunshine, as well as refreshers and snacks.

6. The Solarium

Located right above Zanes, the Solarium connects to East Room and overlooks WSU’s beautiful, green campus! Here you’ll have air conditioning, wifi and outlets, as well as that outdoor feeling and view.

Hopefully these suggestions inspire you to try out some new and awesome study spots in Winona! Also, keep in mind that the Student Union and Krueger Library are open during the summer and still serve as great areas to get studying done!

–Allison Mueller and Kassidy Jackson