Mornings can be a battle. Especially in the winter when the only thing worse than waking up is walking outside in the freezing temps.


How to be a better morning person.


I think we have all experienced the dreaded moment when you’re registering for next semester’s classes and you find you must take an early morning class.  Trying to find any kind of motivation to leave a warm bed when you’re tired can feel impossible.

tired giff

Although morning classes can still be dreadful, now that I’m a junior at WSU, I’ve acquired some tips and tricks for waking up early and actually making it to class! Here are six tips for you to try for yourself:

1. Move Your Alarm Clock

alarm clock

If you can’t stop hitting the snooze button, leave your alarm clock or phone alarm across the room. When you hear that first alarm you’ll have to get up out of bed to turn it off. This is good because then you’re already on your feet and it helps you not get back into bed and sleep a little longer even though it’s tempting.

2. Let There Be Light opening the curtains

My second tip is after you’re on your feet and awake, open up your curtains to let more light in and turn on some music to get you going. I find that once I open my windows to the brighter light I feel more awake and ready for the day. A nice morning playlist helps me get motivated too!

3. Get the Coffee Brewin’


My third tip is to make coffee right away so you have something to look forward to after you get ready. The smell of coffee even helps wake me up and it’s an absolute must for me to be caffeinated for a morning class. Research shows that even the smell of coffee is enough to make you feel more awake.

4. Create an Evening Routine

My fourth tip is creating a routine you can do the night before. Pick out your outfit for the next day, make your breakfast for the next day (I like smoothies or overnight oats that you can easily save in the fridge) and make sure everything is organized like your backpack so it saves you time in the morning.

I need all the time I can get when I’m rushing around my house getting ready for a morning class so I find this very helpful.

5. Stretch it Out

morning stretches

My fifth tip for those early mornings is to get in some type of small or quick stretches or exercising.

Whether it be a few jumping jacks or just touching your toes, I have found that getting your body moving after you’ve gotten out of bed really helps with the wake-up process. I like to find my “morning stretches” on Pinterest.

6. Remember to Hydrate

My final tip is to make sure to stay hydrated in the morning. I have gotten into the habit of a glass of water with lemon while I get ready or right before I head out the door and I always pack my water bottle too. Staying hydrated in the morning will help your body feel more awake.

Of course, waking up early for us non-early risers is a challenge but I’ve found ways to make it a little easier and I hope these tips have helped you too.

There’s nothing worse than missing class multiple times in a row because you were too tired to go.