There’s nothing that bothers me more than watching a student strut into class late (with no apology) and proceed to ignore the professor, text, chat with their friend before packing up early and leave. Professors work hard, and there are some things we just really need to stop doing to them.

1. Walking in Late

cartoon rabbit running with clock

It’s one thing to be late because you got stuck behind a train but using that excuse every day is another. Plan ahead. Be on time.

2. Talking During Their Lecture

girl talking to friend in class

Not only is it disrespectful, but it’s also really distracting for the students trying to listen

3. Expecting Them to Email Back Within the Hour

Bellatrix LeStrange waiting in hall

They’re busy people. Give them 24…not 1.

4. Packing Up Our Bags 5 Minutes Early

Genie packing a suitcase

Professors are trying to teach you from the start of class to the end. It’s just rude to start shoving books in your bag, unzipping and zipping your backpack, and rustling papers all while the professor is still talking.

5. Asking for Too Much Help

man yelling "help me"

Don’t misinterpret this one. Professors want to help in all circumstances, but it’s not fair to ask them to do all of your work for you. Ask for their suggestions and expertise, but don’t make them write your essay for you.

6. Texting During Class

Justin Bieber texting

Don’t kid yourself–you’re not being sneaky. Your professor knows you’re texting, and it’ll only hurt you in the long run.

7. Not Taking Their Class Seriously

smiling man says "don't even care"

If you didn’t want to learn, you shouldn’t have taken the class. Be respectful and take your education seriously or reassess why you enrolled in the first place.

So there you have it, Warriors. Stop the texting, stop the talking, stop the distracting, and make some real learning possible. Let’s all be more conscious of how we treat the people who make our education possible.