It may seem out of reach right now, but in one short week we will have completed our 2015 fall semester at WSU! After you’ve survived finals week and finally make it home you’ll be able to relax, watch Netflix, and eat all of the food in your parent’s fridge.

But be prepared – your family will most likely hound you with the same annoying and exhausting questions over and over again. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked these questions a million times during winter break:

1. Got anybody special in your life?

Oh, how this question is so hated. You don’t need to be reminded of how single you still are. Apparently you can’t attend any family event without them wondering where your boyfriend/girlfriend is.

2. How’s school going?

Sometimes school is going great but other times you just say it’s “good” when deep down you know you’ve been drowning in assignments and are nervous for second semester. It’s questions like this that make graduation seem so much more exciting.

3. Why don’t you call home more often?

I’m busy with… studying, Netflix, and spending the money I don’t have. It’s hard on days when you’re actually being productive to remember to call home and some days you’re just plain scared of getting asked these same questions through a phone call.

4. How did finals go?

At this point, you are sleep deprived and not ready to discuss the horror of the week that went down. You’ve already put that stressful nightmare behind you and have moved on with your life.

5. Do you have any winter break plans?

While most of your friends are traveling the world, you find the answer to that question going something like, “I’ll be sitting in my bed eating all the food at home that I don’t have to pay for after waking up at noon.”

6. What do you want to do again?

Most of us don’t exactly know our post-graduation plans…we’re just trying to get through school right now. Thinking about the real world is much too scary.

7. When do you go back to school?

You just started break and your family already has you thinking about going back to school? How rude.

–Updated by Erin Kloepping ’19