Winter break has passed and we already have a week of spring semester classes under our belts! Even though it’s tough to come back to Winona and face the reality of classes, work and other responsibilities, we all are also faced with the obvious signs that we’re back on campus and in the full swing of things. Here are a few of the reminders you’ll be seeing or have already seen – whether you like it or not!

1) You hate the thought of finding a parking spot


Whether you have a parking pass, use the meters or bank on finding a spot anywhere near campus, it’s always a struggle trying to park. Especially living in a state where being outdoors for more than 35 seconds freezes your entire body, no one is trying to walk further than they have to.

2) You’ve made your way to Somsen to see the new addition


For those who’ve experienced the Somsen construction during classes or work the last several months, we can definitely say it was distracting and loud. However, the new lounge is not only easy on the eyes but it is a great space for studying or holding small meetings – and it’s accessible to anyone on campus!

3) You’re waiting in line to buy textbooks


We all dread that first week or two of classes when we charge our student accounts with textbooks we wish we didn’t need.

4) You’re bombarded with “Smaug/Caf?” texts everyday


Now that everyone spends almost their entire day on campus, Smaug and Caf get-togethers are back in full swing. No one ever wants to eat alone so we find ourselves asking every friend within the Winona area to join us for food.

5) You’ve created a short cut through campus to stay out of the cold


We’ve all done it. Especially on those extra cold days where the wind makes your face hurt and your eyes water. Although it’s a short walk through campus, the extra time it takes to maneuver through every possible building to warm up for 10 seconds is worth it.

6) You try not to laugh when you see people casually recover from almost slipping on their way to class


It’s inevitable. Every season we see someone slipping on the ice while walking through campus – or acting like nothing happened when they catch themselves. Either way it’s usually a funny sight (until we are the ones that slip).

7) You see people in shorts and wonder what on Earth they’re thinking


Some Minnesotans are braver than they should be: Snow? Below freezing temperatures? No problem, I’ll just wear my favorite shorts or shirt WITH NO JACKET. And these people definitely stick out like a sore thumb as you pass by them shivering in your parka.

8) You use your laundry money for Mugby coffee in the morning


Most mornings we just need the extra caffeine boost to wake us up, but in the winter it’s a matter of retrieving all things warm. Holding that hot cup of Joe on your way to class is worth wearing the same pair of jeans three days in a row.

-Lauren Reuteler